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Job Title: Deputy Regional Political Director - Midwest
Type: Full Time
Category: Administrative & Office Work
Location: Chicago, IL (US)
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Deputy Regional Political Director - Midwest
Chicago, IL (US)
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Job Details -- Deputy Regional Political Director - Midwest - (LW10210) Job Requisition ID: LW10210
Job Title: Deputy Regional Political Director - Midwest
Job Type: Full-Time
Location: Chicago, IL
Post Date: 12/06/2013
Job Description:
Summary: The Midwest Region of AIPAC, with offices in Chicago, is responsible for AIPAC’s political activities in 89 Congressional districts. The Midwest Deputy Political Director will assist the Midwest Regional Political Director in providing information and analysis to members of AIPAC and the pro-Israel community about Congressional politics in the region. Detailed Duties:
Establish and maintain contact with campaigns to help schedule candidate meetings and facilitate submission of position papers
Track and record FEC and poll data
Occasionally attend candidate meetings
Prepare invite lists, invitations, agendas/binders for AIPAC political event
Gather/Research and deliver information requested by pro-Israel activists
Act as main political point of contact for specified Midwest region AIPAC members
Assist the Midwest Region Political Director in preparations for and execution of lobbying appointments during Policy Conference
Other duties as assigned by the Midwest Region Political Director Qualifications/Skills:
Bachelor’s degree preferred or commensurate experience
At least two years’ experience working in electoral politics or related field
Passion for the U.S.-Israel relationship
Attention to detail and ability to work independently
Some travel required
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Working knowledge of, passion for, and ability to talk fluently about Midwest region Congressional politics. *Must submit cover letter to be considered
*If applying for more than one position please use the ’Attachments’ function to attach position specific cover letter
*AIPAC is an equal opportunity employer

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